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Welcome to Monmouth Grace United Methodist Church English Ministry!

We are glad you stopped by and hope you enjoy your visit. Please feel free to come in, look around and get to know us. We want to get to know you as well. Our doors are open to the community and we are available to anyone looking for ways to live out the faith that is emerging in their life. We are disciples of Jesus Christ and believe that transformation is possible through the activity of the Spirit. Do you see yourself as part of that transformation? Are you considering what it would be like to join others who are on a spiritual journey that will be challenging but ultimately rewarding? Can you imagine taking part in a movement that changes lives and the world as well? Please know that if you are thinking about these things, there is an open church for you.

We welcome you!

Our pastor(s):
Hosuk Chung

Senior Pastor

Rev. Emmanuel Agyemfra.jpg
Emmanuel Agyemfra

English Ministry and Youth Pastor

Pastor Sun Kim.jpeg
Sun Kim

Primary Pastor

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